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Welcome to Park Cities Mobile Detail

We are a local company serving in Highland Park TX

Just like we need care, our cars also need care. complete car detailing services  basically includes a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of your car. It is a small investment which restores the beauty of your vehicle and protects the amount you have invested in your car.

Short on time and not able to clean your car properly? Not a problem. Park Cities Mobile Detail will take care of your car and make it as good as new.


Car waxing

Scratch removal

Paint Correction

Complete Detailing service in Highland Park TX

Services we offer

Interior Detail Services

If you’re looking for Interior Detail services in Highland Park TX, look no further as you have come to the right place. Park Cities Mobile Details provides one of the best Interior Detail services in Highland Park TX, as we have an experience of over 28 years and have trained workers who will work on your car with full dedication. We will make sure that the next time you sit in your car, you will feel like you are riding in a new car!! 

Complete Detailing

Make your car beautiful from top to bottom with Park Cities Mobile Details, providing the best Complete Detail services in Highland Park TX. It’s very difficult to do the detailing yourself when you have lots of work to do, but don’t worry!! We’ve got your back. Lend us your car for some time and we will provide it with a complete detailing in which the exterior of your car will be washed and waxed, and the whole interior will also be cleaned. Your seats, carpets, mats, trunk, tires, wheels, windows, doors, consoles, everything will be cleaned. So if you’re looking for Complete Detail services in Highland Park TX, you are just at the right care spot for your car.

Deluxe Detail

From a cleaned interior, wheels and shiny tires to a clay treatment to remove contaminants the deluxe detail is amazing. Looking for Deluxe Detail services in Highland Park TX? Get your car cleaned both from inside and out!! Deluxe detailing will make your car look amazing from the exterior as well as interior, From clean wheels and tires to clean and vacuumed Interior.

Let us pamper your car with Deluxe Detailing by Park Cities Mobile Detail which provides the best Deluxe Detail services in Highland Park TX.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that when applied chemically bonds with your vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection.

Should I get my car Ceramic Coated? We often hear this question from people when they buy a new car. The answer is YES!! If you want your car paint to look good and to stay protected, Ceramic Coating is the service you are looking for. Ceramic coating is a clear coating which is applied over the car and it protects your car. So if you have bought a new car, or you are looking to protect your older vehicle, Park Cities Mobile details is providing the best Ceramic coating services in Highland Park TX.

Car Waxing & Complete Detailing Services

Want your Commercial Vehicle to get cleaned? Park Cities Mobile Detail provides the best commercial car wash along with the best Car waxing services in Highland Park TX keeping your vehicles compliant and roadworthy.

Scratch removal

For a car enthusiast, the condition of the car is very important, and for that we make sure that the car looks tip top from top to bottom. Got a scratch on your paint and are looking for scratch removal services in Highland Park TX? If yes then you are at the right place. Park Cities Mobile Detail provides Scratch Removal Services in Irving TX at a reasonable price. Just give us a call and we will take care of your car scratches.

Paint Correction

Along with all other services, Park Cities Mobile Detail also offers Paint Correction services in Highland Park TX. So if you’re looking for a provider of paint correction services in Highland Park TX, call us now and we will remove all the imperfections in your vehicle paint and will restore it into a finish like a new vehicle.

Car polishing

Car polishing actually enhances a cars paint, it removes the swirls and all the scratches on the paint surface. Car Polishing adds a glossy touch to your car making it look just like it came out of the showroom. So call Park Cities Mobile Detail now if you are searching Car polishing services in Highland Park TX as we will make sure that your car gets the best Car polishing services in Highland Park TX and shine just like new.

Car waxing

Car waxing is used to offer protection from the elements of the sun and acid rain and abrasives.. So if you’re looking for Car waxing services in Highland Park TX, you are at the right place because we provide the best Car waxing services in Highland Park TX

Why Choose Us?

Car needs cleaning but you’re short on time and don’t have time to take it to the detail shop? Well, no problem. All you need is detail techs or technicians who will come to your location and wash, wax or detail your vehicle right on sight and for that all you gotta do is to call Park Cities Mobile Detail and we will take care of your car and provide the best services that your car needs. From providing detailing to your vehicle to engine cleaning, Park Cities Mobile Detail does it all for you.


About Us



Park Cities Mobile Detail has been working for about three decades, and have a team of experienced workers who know how to clean and take care of your car. 

For us, our customers are our priority, hence we make sure that all the needs of your car are met. We provide our services on different types of vehicles including cars, SUVs, Boats, Trucks, RVs and Motorcycles.

We provide our services in Irving TX, Highland Park TX, Dallas TX, Grapevine TX, Farmers Branch TX, Plano TX, FRISCO TX, Carlton TX, Arlington TX and Desoto TX.

The Services We Offer

Complete Detailing

Ceramic Coating

Scratch removal

Car polishing

Deluxe Detail

Commercial Services

Paint Correction

Car waxing


Tavonis did a great job with my old girl. I have a 2014 Honda Accord that I've PUT THROUGH THE RINGER... Especially over the last 3 months with the pandemic and a cross-country move. She looks like new now!
Tabitha L.
Verified Review
Roderick and Lavoid came and cleaned both my car and my coworkers cars today. Our cars were incredibly dirty and they made them sparkling. We are beyond grateful for the time they invested in our cars.
Danielle K.
Verified Review
I had both of my cars detailed (2500 Truck and Mercedes SUV) and couldn't be more impressed! The interior and exterior of both were immaculate and Roderick was so kind to accommodate my last minute change in having the cars cleaned on 2 different days
Brittany B.
Verified Review

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