Maximize your ROI with PPC

One of the easiest ways to appear on the top of the search page Pay Per Click Marketing is one of our top ranking services. As the top ppc marketing specialist in Edison, NJ, at Creative Media Technology, our experts handle everything including each and every step of the PPC process for you. How does Pay Per Click work? It’s simple! You bid on advertisement slots for specific keywords or search phrases relevant to your product or service. Whenever someone searches for that particular word or phrase, your advertisement appears on top. The best part? You only have to pay when the customer clicks on the ad. That means you only pay for guaranteed, relevant leads! If you’re a small business in Edison, East Brunswick, Dunellen, Cranbury, Carteret, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, or Wood bridge then Creative Media Technology is your best bet for a PPC management partner. Our digital marketing experience not only guarantees the most competitive PPC charges, but the most conversions in the area as well! 

Why your business need PPC Management?


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High Return on Investment

When you compare PPC with other digital marketing strategies, it has one of the highest ROIs (Return on Investment) in the business. With Creative Media, you can be assured that that ROI is not only larger but also increases with time! A well strategized and executed PPC campaign like ours can do wonders for your business.

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Instant Targeted Traffic

PPC is quick and effective, it drives immediate traffic to your website ensuring instant sales. No other digital marketing tactic works as fast and as effectively. The best part? You only pay when someone clicks!

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Selling while branding

PPC works wonders for building your brand and you don’t even have to give up on sales during the process! We’re experts at designing highly effective PPC campaigns that not only bring in the numbers but makes sure that each of those customers remember and recognize your brand!

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Better Conversion Rate

Did you know, more than 50% of users that click on PPC ads buy something within 2 minutes of visiting your site? This conversion rate is one of the highest in the industry. With Creative Media Technology as your PPC ad experts, this rate can go even higher, especially in places like Piscataway, Perth Amboy, Old Bridge, North Brunswick, New Brunswick, Monroe and Milltown!


Creative Media Technology is your one-stop shop for all your PPC needs. As the number one digital marketing agency in Middlesex New Jersey, we offer innovative and full-fledged PPC campaigns for your business. Our customers are our number one priority and our experts work around the clock to ensure that your business gets to the top!

AdWords Management Services: Our PPC marketing specialists work tirelessly to conduct keyword research, so that you don’t end up paying more on keywords that bring in very little customers. 

Remarketing: An important element in PPC management. Our experts manage cookies and narrow target profiles to retarget your prospects. Due to this practice, your target audience can see your ad all over the internet.

E-commerce PPC Management: If you’re an Ecommerce business that serves customers in Middlesex, Metuchen, Jamesburg, Edison, Amboy, Highland Park and Helmetta then you’re in luck! Our PPC campaigns are designed to ensure you get the maximum return for your business. 

PPC Audit: As the top digital marketing and PPC agency in New Jersey, we take our strategies to the next level. Rather than just running your PPC campaign, we also provide regular PPC audits to ensure that each aspect of your PPC campaign is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible!

Pay per click is the best way to generate revenue while your SEO strategy is being implemented. This means that you do not have to keep up PPC forever and once your SEO ranking is high enough, you don't have to spend the extra money anymore. At Creative Media, our experts handle everything, each and every step of the process for you, including custom packages tailored to your needs. This leaves you free to do what really matters. Serving the customers we bring in!


Fruitful PPC marketing approach

Your competitors also trying to put their ad with the help of any other digital marketing company. Our PPC marketing specialists try to make such a beautiful and fascinating ad that people will click it when it will pop-up and also get converts.

Lower account CPC

There is a misconception that more investment in PPC marketing gives you good results but in this case, you have to pay continuously. Creative Media Technology believes in playing smart so our PPC specialists make such PPC marketing plan which will save your money but end in amazing results by giving more revenue.

Higher return on ad spend (ROAS)

Our PPC marketing plan will give you prompt, effective, and considerable results concerning ROAS at a reasonable cost.

High ranking keywords

We know the value of keywords so our SEO specialists select higher-value keywords and neglect negative keywords. After it, our PPC marketing specialists design your campaign and make the ad by focusing on rankable keywords.

PPC consultation

Creative Media Technology has an edge over our competitors that we not only run your PPC marketing campaign but also provide you PPC consultation. We guide you how many campaigns you have to run for achieving desired results.

Complete research

Our PPC marketing specialists don’t focus only on achieving your short-term goals but we aim to provide you the results in long-run. We thoroughly study your target market to understand its nature. It helps us to make strategies which will be effective in the future too.

Better results

Our PPC marketing specialists don’t focus only on achieving your short-term goals but we aim to provide you the results in long-run. We thoroughly study your target market to understand its nature. It helps us to make strategies which will be effective in the future too.

Customized PPC campaign

Every business has different nature so PPC marketing campaign is also different for every business. Before designing a PPC marketing campaign our experts consider everything so that our PPC marketing campaign can match your goals. We assign a dynamic campaign manager for every client who is responsible to check the performance of the campaign and also update the client about it.

Mutual Success

The success of a PPC marketing campaign is not only your success but it is considered as our success too. As a PPC marketing or management company Edison, Creative Media Technology makes sure to provide you everything and every tool which is helpful for a fruitful PPC marketing campaign. We help you to collect competitors’ data, perform keywords research, select appropriate keywords, market research and anticipation, copywriting, and campaign monitoring.


We aim to provide you the best PPC marketing services. We don’t want to waste your time and money. We tell you everything clearly about the campaign from day one. You are aware of all the services and tools you will get. You can easily track the results of your PPC marketing campaign by monitoring campaign and performance analytics. Through these tools, you can check the performance of the campaign at every level. Creative Media Technology believes in honesty in a professional relationship so we keep your PPC marketing campaign transparent and clear.