Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

How does it work?
Pay per click is the most easy way to appear on the top of the search page. You buy advertisement spots for a particular keyword or search phrase. Whenever someone searches for that particular word or phrase, your advertisement appears on top. The best part? You only pay when the customer clicks on the ad. And with our digital marketing experience, not only can we ensure the most competitive PPC charges, but also we can ensure that any customer that reaches your website is guaranteed to stay. We simply make them that good.

How can PPC Campaign help my business?

Pay per click is the best way to generate revenue while your Search Engine Optimization strategy is being implemented. This means that you do not have to keep up PPC forever and once your SEO ranking is high enough, you don’t have to spend the extra money anymore. At Creative Media, our experts handle everything, each and every step of the process for you, including custom packages tailored to your needs. This leaves you free to do what really matters. Serving the customers we bring in! As the leading digital marketing agency in the Edison, Middlesex County including New Brunswick, Wood bridge, Metuchen, Sayreville, Highland Park Carteret, Dunellen, Cranbury, South River and other NJ areas. We can assure you that your sales and revenues are only going to go up by implementing our Pay Per Click Management strategies for your business!

Quality Skills

1. Google Ads is the single most powerful advertising system in the PPC world. At Creative Media, we make sure that you get the best of the best, this is why we make sure to optimize your landing pages to increase your wuality and relevance score while making sure you save as much on bids as possible. Our formula has been developed after years of experience working for clients and local businesses state and nationwide.

2. Keyword research is essential to any Pay per Click management campaign and our keyword strategy is one of the most unique and innovative one out there. We make sure our keyword list is relevant to your campaign, exhaustive in it’s content and expansive to include each and everyone of your services.

3. We manage multiple campaigns for our clients making sure that each campaign is tweaked and optimized regularly so as to not go stale. We constantly refine our keyword lists and your landing oages so that your brand and service remains valid throughout!

4. Funnelling – We manage the way your content and ads are put out and displayed on the internet. Our strategy is unique because it flies apart from the brute force attack, making sure you spoend your money effectively and for the best possible results! Good PPC only works if it goes side by side with even better SEO, web management and at last pay per click management, and we are the experts!

Audience Targeting 88%
Keywords Setting 86%
Click Funneling 77%
Client Handling 79%

What makes a good PPC campaign?

With 10 years of experience, we have our PPC recipe just right.
Be it customers, audiences, keywords, or campaigns, they all need to be targetted just right. Our team works day and night doing extensive research to help you target the most profitable resources!
Internet Reputation
Internet Reputation
Search engines promote content that is valid, meaningful and useful for their customers. This is why we manage your content and online profile to give your brand a solid reputation in the online marketplace!