Today, everyone searches for the goods and services they require on Google. That's where our magic comes in. When your clients Google the service they’re looking for, we make sure your name gets to the top of the search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about mixing a bunch of selected keywords within random text on your website. A strong, dedicated SEO strategy is unique to each customer's needs and includes diligent keyword optimization, well written content and a lot of algorithm optimization magic. As the top SEO and digital marketing company serving small businesses in Edison, East Brunswick, Dunellen, Cranbury, Carteret, Middlesex, Metuchen, Jamesburg, Highland Park and Helmetta, Creative Media Technology is your best bet to get to the top. At Creative Media, it is the ultimate priority of our team to get our customers to the top of the search results as quickly and efficiently as possible!



Our core SEO services are Organic search, On-Page SEO, link building, keyword research, and activity reports.

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Organic Search

Our innovative and intense SEO strategy guarantees that our customers appear at the top of the organic search results. With SEO specialists like Creative Media and our experienced team, the only place you can be is the top!

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On-Page SEO

We make sure the only pages your customers see and like are yours. Our web-design and SEO specialists create separate landing pages to serve your clients in each of your service areas, concentrating your brand's reach and strengthen your profile!

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Link Building

The web today is just one huge directory, and the brands that perform well are the ones with good references. With Creative Media as your SEO experts, you can rest assured knowing your brand will have strong references. You see, our team makes sure that your references and links are iron strong!

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Keyword Research / Strategy

Keyword research is essential to any SEO campaign and our keyword strategy is one of the most unique and innovative one out there. We make sure our keyword list is relevant to your campaign, exhaustive in it's content and expansive to include each and everyone of your services.

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Activity Reports

At Creative Media, the customer comes first. This is why we make sure you’re involved with our campaigns every step of the way. This helps you see where your money is being put in plus it makes sure our clients learn a lot - we don’t hide anything!

What is our SEO process?

As an SEO specialist in Metuchen, Sayreville, Cranbury, Highland Park, Wood Bridge, and Edison, we follow a proper procedure.

Keyword Research and Analysis

The one of the most important steps of the SEO process is proper keyword research. It is very essential for the success of an SEO campaign that keywords are identified very carefully and after full research. Our SEO specialists know the importance of targeting the right keywords so they work on it sincerely to attract the right kind of visitors.

On Page SEO Optimization

After targeting the right keywords, our team concentrates upon On-Page SEO which is related to content to optimize every single web page of the website. They make the best plans concerning On- Page SEO so that your website can get a higher position in search engine and earn relevant traffic.

Technical Website Evaluation or Audit

Our experts evaluate your website in this step. They make sure that website should be updated more often and the information should be latest and relevant. It looks like a minimal thing but actually, it is very necessary for the success of SEO campaign.

Content Development& Marketing

Content is the king in the website so our SEO specialists make sure that the content should be relevant, and engaging and also give a solution of visitors’ problem so that they stay longer on your website. The chances are increased that your visitor will become your customer if you compel him to stay on your website through your content.

Social Engagement

All the efforts will go in vain if you fail to attain social engagement. Our team makes every effort to keep the visitors engage with your website. For this purpose, we focus on the quality of content. We try to remain the design of your website simple and beautiful.

Off Page SEO/ Link Building

Another important step in SEO planning is Off-Page SEO or backlinks building. Our experts adopt those procedures through which they can make strong and real backlinks which is very essential to boost your ranking in search engine. You can generate traffic only if your website is visible at the highest rankings in search engine.

Local SEO Strategies

Our experts make local SEO strategies in such a way that getting higher ranking and organic traffic can be possible easily which is our purpose behind all this SEO process. We are providing our local SEO services in Metuchen, Sayreville, Cranbury, Highland Park, and Wood Bridge.

Ecommerce SEO Strategies

E-commerce SEO is another significant part of SEO process. In this, our SEO specialists make the policies to rank your product pages on the 1st page of search engine. For this purpose, the experts in Creative Media Marketing firm find the keywords which are searched by customers. They also do On-Page SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, and link building, etc.

Google Algorithmic Updates

PageRank is the algorithm of google through which google ranks the pages in its results. Our experts stay aware of all the latest updates so that they can make their policies and strategies according to those updates.

Guaranteed and results-oriented SEO services

Creative Media Technology are your number one SEO experts operating in the Edison, East Brunswick, Dunellen, Cranbury, Carteret, South Brunswick, South Plainfield, South River, Wood bridge, and South Amboy area. We provide top-class SEO and digital marketing services for small businesses all across New Jersey and over the years have built up a reputation as the top SEO and digital marketing consultants in the area!


Experience is everything: With over 15 years of combined experience in the industry, we have one of the most skilled and experienced teams in the country. 

Expert Team: Our team of experts is highly-professional and experienced and contains the best project managers, On-Page SEO experts, Off-Page SEO experts, content writers, programmers, and graphic designers that money can hire. The Creative Media team are all bound by one common objective - to provide our customers with the highest standard of service possible!

R&D: Innovation is everything - which is why we constantly update our strategies to match and outsmart that of the ever changing algorithm. Why? So that you can be at the top ofcourse!

There's a reason we call ourselves the SEO specialists, no one else does it better than us. With over 10 years of experience and satisfied clients nationwide, we offer our customers the following advantages that no other SEO company can. 

  1. Complete analysis and optimization of your website - SEO rankings, website content and online profile. 
  2. Professional review and update of your Google My Business profile.
  3. Citations and well-written blogs and articles that connect and resonate with our customers.
  4. Quality, relevant and authentic backlinks that strengthen your online reputation.