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The aim of Creative Media Technology, a US-based digital marketing firm is to attract the target audience so that they can become your potential customer as well. The success of any business depends upon the sales which are generated through our strategies. We adopt many ways to fulfill this purpose like Search Engine Optimization, Local SEO, web development and designing, etc. Email marketing is another way to become your business as successful as you want. The Email marketing aims are to enhance brand awareness, engage visitors/customers, and retaining customers. Email marketing is not a single thing to get these aims but it is also a part of marketing strategy. I think, without email marketing our marketing strategy is incomplete. Through effective email marketing, we can achieve our goals much easily.

Reasons why email marketing is necessary for the success of a business
We are providing email marketing service in Metuchen, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Sayreville, Edison, Cranbury, Carteret, and Dunellen.

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Email is all around the world

It is the digital world and everyone has its email address. Now it has become a necessity of today’s world. Even, just in the US, approximately 240 million people are using email. According to a prediction, in 2020 this number will increase to almost 250 million. Believe me, a survey says that reading and sending emails is the top online activity. If we want to reach more people so we have to take help from email marketing. Our email marketing experts give you the best service in this regard.

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Easy way to convey your message

Email is the easiest way to convey your message to the customers and engage them. If we compare email to social media so it provides unlimited access to your followers. Even, personal messages are not matched with the delivery rate of emails. 77 % of promotional messages are carried out through emails.

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Email is cost-effective

Every marketing technique requires a considerable investment to get desired results but the email marketing is a very affordable and reasonable way to enhance your traffic and grow your business. Through emails you can generate in-store traffic by giving the announcements of events and sale, etc. if you want to create your brand awareness, email marketing is an effective way for this. It develops your long-lasting relation with customers even at very low cost. Our email marketing specialists make excellent strategies to achieve your goal through email marketing.

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Email is constructive

Email marketing is the most fruitful strategy to grow your business by attracting and engaging customers. If you spend 1$ for email marketing, your return of investment is 4o$ which becomes 3800%. Even SEO has 22.24$ ROI per 1$.

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Email generates sales

Emails generate more sales than other marketing strategies because they have direct access to customers. They can know every event through the emails forwarded to them. For every marketing technique, there can be a possibility that customer doesn’t go through it but in email marketing, this chance becomes low.

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Email produces leads

For every business, there are different priorities. Email marketing produces many leads than other marketing techniques that are 29%. As a digital marketing firm, we provide you the best email marketing services to generate leads for your business.

Our Email Marketing Services

As email marketing service provider in Metuchen, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Sayreville, Edison, Cranbury, Carteret, and Dunellen, we are offering two services in email marketing.

Lead nurturing

A customer may not make a buying decision in a second. He can take time from days to months depends upon the nature of the product. In this decision process, he does not consider your product only but he keeps many similar products in mind. In this case, it becomes essential that you support every potential customer and try to place your product in his mind. From nurturing leads to turn them into customers, Creative Media Technology email marketing team make plans to generate leads throughout the sale funnel. Our email marketing strategies combined with our communication skills play an important role to increase your customers. The success of our marketing strategies also depends on the success of email marketing that’s why we keep an eye on it and work hard to make it successful.

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) email marketing

AMP is another email marketing service provided by our email marketing specialists. It was considered that accelerated mobile pages are necessary only for websites but it is not true. It is used in email marketing now. Our email marketing experts produce attractive and influencing AMP stories, quick and secure AMP ads, and AMP emails. It brings the same effect in email marketing as it creates for websites. AMP emails offer you to boost your thinking of using promotional emails, transform your way of presenting email content, and provide more engagement possibilities.

Experts help

If you give us the responsibility of email marketing then you should relax. Our experts have complete knowledge and resources to carry out email marketing campaign successfully. They make effective strategies which will be suitable for your business. Email marketing looks like a simple procedure but actually, it is not. It is a complicated technique. Our email marketing specialists have experience in branding, marketing channels, and marketing campaign so they can handle it conveniently.

Managing the email marketing process

We provide both full management and partial management of the email marketing process. In full management, it is our responsibility to manage all marketing campaigns and do everything which is required in the campaign. Our experts handle the full campaign from start to end and deal with every problem in every level of an email marketing campaign. In full management service, we provide copywriting, email content, the subject line split testing, theme designing, email coding and distribution, marketing automation, and email campaign strategies. While in partial management of email marketing, only email copy, email coding and distribution, and subject line split testing is included.

Result-oriented management

Our experts make strategies which ensure the desired results. For this, we also provide you real and up-to-date performance report so that you can monitor the results of our effective email marketing policies. There are five key factors through which you can assess the performance of our strategies.

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Unsubscribe

We have to test and monitor these factors to get better results. So, our email marketing specialists monitor these values regularly and make adjustments if there is a need for it.

Affordable prices

We facilitate you in a very reasonable budget which every business can afford easily. If you buy additional features then you have to pay extra charges. These features are:

  • Additional emails
  • Different design for every email
  • Customized unsubscribe page
  • Target lists

You can select any package which you feel suitable for your business. We don’t compromise on quality for any package whether it is inexpensive or costly.

Not just email marketing

We do not just do it as our duty but we deal with your business as our own. Our motto is to grow your business and this is only possible if our marketing campaign becomes successful. Email marketing is also a part of a marketing campaign and a fruitful technique to increase your sales by capturing the target audience. Our team of email marketing specialists makes effective strategies to get this aim and fulfill your dreams. As one of the top digital marketing firm Edison, Creative Media Technology promise you to fulfill your goals by providing solid and creative email marketing strategies.