Every company wants to enhance its business whether it is small or big. For this purpose, companies take the support of search engine optimization. The success of marketing strategies depends on either you can reach the target audience or not. While considering SEO, companies mostly think for a higher level. But it is also necessary to adopt the strategies through which we can cut the traffic and convey our message to the local customers. It is all about local search engine optimization. As the top digital marketing company, Creative Media Technology helps you to successfully run a local SEO campaign for your business. We provide our local SEO services in Metuchen, Edison, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Sayreville, Cranbury, Dunellen, and Carteret.

Benefits of Local SEO

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Connect with local customers

Through local SEO, you can easily connect with your nearby customers. ‘Nearby’ search is becoming a top trend nowadays. People wants to know the reviews about where to eat and stay during traveling and also they trust in a new store by reading positive comments.

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Enhance foot traffic

Through our local SEO strategies, your business profile is visible on Google search engine and on Google map too. Customers can easily find directions, opening and closing hours, contact information, reviews, and much other information.

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Produce actual leads

Local SEO is about local customers so if any customer finds you by local keywords then it is sure that he has an intention to buy from you. So, it is essential that you optimize your website for local search to save your time and money.

Our plan for different businesses

As a local SEO company Metuchen, Edison, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Sayreville, Cranbury, Dunellen, and Carteret we offer four different plans for different type of businesses.

Basic Plan

We offer our basic plan to small-sized local businesses which are just operating in one or two locations. In it, one page of optimized copy is provided every quarter. We provide content page in which we focus on local keywords, local images, and multimedia content, etc.

Advanced Plan

Here is our advanced plan which is also for local businesses but with rapid growth in their goals. We offer the Local SEO for up to four locations but there must be at least three locations to get this plan. We provide two optimized copy pages after every 4 months.

Market pro Plan

Our market pro plan is specific for those businesses which are operating in five to eight distinctive locations, in this plan, three pages of optimized copy is available to you every quarter.

Enterprise Plan

Our final plan is offered for the businesses which have more than nine branches in unique locations. , the pages of optimized copy remains the same as a Market pro plan.



As a local SEO company, we are offering different plans but services are same for every plan.

Local Keyword Research

Our local SEO plan starts from local keyword research for five products or services.

Product listings

In this 2nd service for local SEO, product titles and Meta descriptions are given which are completely optimized.

Local SEO Optimization

We provide this service for enhancing the visibility of your business to all platforms from where you can get your potential customers.

Facebook page

Creative Media Technology helps you to set up a Facebook business page with a check-in location.

Tracking system

Tracking and confirmation service is also provided for your online business information like business name, contact details, and location, etc.

On-Page SEO for your website

For getting higher ranking in search engine results and a successful local SEO campaign, we offer you the service of website On-Page SEO.

Manage online reviews

We provide an automated review managing software through which you can also connect to your customers personally after a notification. You can handle negative feedback on the spot with the help of this software.

Monthly report

Traffic is the most important factor through which you can judge the performance of your website and the success of our local SEO campaign. It’s our responsibility to give you awareness about traffic. So, Creative Media Technology provides you monthly traffic reports.

Why you should choose us for Local SEO

Energetic team: As a local SEO company, we have a dynamic and dedicated team of SEO specialists who assures you to boost your business by providing the best quality local SEO services.

Excellent Local SEO strategies: Our local SEO strategies are capable enough to reach your website at the highest position on the search engine results so that you can attract your target audience.

Enhance your website visibility: Our SEO experts make such amazing plans that you will see yourself that your business visibility has been increased after our local SEO campaign.

Experience of numerous industry: We have facilitated in many industries as a local SEO company Metuchen, Edison, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Sayreville, Cranbury, Dunellen, and Carteret from the 1st day that’s why we have experience of various industries and have full knowledge about their market.

Create quality content: The content is the heart of a local SEO campaign. Our experienced and professional writers provide unique and appealing content to attract visitors and compel them to stay longer on your website,

Market analysis: We analyze the market thoroughly and study your customers’ likes, dislikes, needs, and behaviors. We provide your customer what and when they need it.

Peace of mind: We satisfy our clients with our cooperative and professional attitude as well as through our strategies. So, let us work hard and you should just chill with a peaceful mind.

Acquire desired results: We try our best for the success of our local SEO campaign for your business that’s why we get desired results according to our expectations.

Components for a successful SEO campaign we adopt


Content is as important for a website as blood for a body. High-quality content is a powerful component which decides the fate of a local SEO campaign. Without amazing content, it is impossible to grab the visitors’ concentration and organic traffic. It is your content that compels the visitor to stay longer on your website and eventually becomes your customer. First of all, we examine your existing content if any and then do a keyword research to know which keywords are searched by the customers. After that, it’s our talented writers who come up with exciting content that attracts the traffic to your site.

Outreach strategies

The content itself is not enough for a successful local SEO campaign but an effective outreach strategy also plays an important part in it. Our writers create amazing stuff while the SEO specialists in Creative Media Technology collaborate the content with relevant niche and create powerful backlinks for getting traffic to your website.

Optimization of your website code

The health of your website is also necessary for the success of our local SEO campaign to attain the desired results. Our SEO specialists monitor the health of the website on a weekly basis and adopt different strategies to make it better. The implementation of right and best coding practices boosts your website speed and it becomes easy to access.
For Creative Media Technology, it is our responsibility to reach your website on top and stay there. Our best local SEO policies assure you to get desired results by getting organic traffic.

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