Creative Media Technology is a US-based digital marketing firm which has made a significant place among a lot of digital marketing companies in the US. We are considered as one of the top SEO Company Edison. We provide the services like Search Engine Optimization Company, Local SEO service provider, SEO specialists, Web Development Company as well as email marketing company. We provide you digital marketing services for the growth of your business by attracting customers and generating sales at a very reasonable price. We are just a call away. You have to just call us once and your all worries will become ours. We are operating in many cities like Metuchen, Edison, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Dunellen, Carteret, South River, New Brunswick, and Sayreville.

Advantages of PPC marketing/management

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You can reach the target audience

PPC marketing is excessively-targeted. You can easily target the right audience. You can separate them based on age, gender, marital status, and location, etc. you also know that who is interested in your product or wants to buy and who is not. In remarketing technique, you can narrow down the audience more easily and can target your previous visitors.

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Easy conversion

Every click can be a conversion at any level. More than half of PPC visitors click on an ad with the intention of buying your product while remaining to go without giving attention to the ad.

Benefits of choosing Creative Media Technology

Fruitful PPC marketing approach

Your competitors also trying to put their ad with the help of any other digital marketing company. Our PPC marketing specialists try to make such a beautiful and fascinating ad that people will click it when it will pop-up and also get converts.

Lower account CPC

There is a misconception that more investment in PPC marketing gives you good results but in this case, you have to pay continuously. Creative Media Technology believes in playing smart so our PPC specialists make such PPC marketing plan which will save your money but end in amazing results by giving more revenue.

Higher return on ad spend (ROAS)

Our PPC marketing plan will give you prompt, effective, and considerable results concerning ROAS at a reasonable cost.

High ranking keywords

We know the value of keywords so our SEO specialists select higher-value keywords and neglect negative keywords. After it, our PPC marketing specialists design your campaign and make the ad by focusing on rankable keywords.

PPC consultation

Creative Media Technology has an edge over our competitors that we not only run your PPC marketing campaign but also provide you PPC consultation. We guide you how many campaigns you have to run for achieving desired results.

Complete research

Our PPC marketing specialists don’t focus only on achieving your short-term goals but we aim to provide you the results in long-run. We thoroughly study your target market to understand its nature. It helps us to make strategies which will be effective in the future too.

Better results

Our PPC marketing specialists don’t focus only on achieving your short-term goals but we aim to provide you the results in long-run. We thoroughly study your target market to understand its nature. It helps us to make strategies which will be effective in the future too.

Customized PPC campaign

Every business has different nature so PPC marketing campaign is also different for every business. Before designing a PPC marketing campaign our experts consider everything so that our PPC marketing campaign can match your goals. We assign a dynamic campaign manager for every client who is responsible to check the performance of the campaign and also update the client about it.

Mutual Success

The success of a PPC marketing campaign is not only your success but it is considered as our success too. As a PPC marketing or management company Edison, Creative Media Technology makes sure to provide you everything and every tool which is helpful for a fruitful PPC marketing campaign. We help you to collect competitors’ data, perform keywords research, select appropriate keywords, market research and anticipation, copywriting, and campaign monitoring.


We aim to provide you the best PPC marketing services. We don’t want to waste your time and money. We tell you everything clearly about the campaign from day one. You are aware of all the services and tools you will get. You can easily track the results of your PPC marketing campaign by monitoring campaign and performance analytics. Through these tools, you can check the performance of the campaign at every level. Creative Media Technology believes in honesty in a professional relationship so we keep your PPC marketing campaign transparent and clear.

Our PPC marketing process

Identifying the right keywords
Analysis of your competitors
Bid plan
Re-marketing (if it is needed)
Unique designing and copywriting
Placement plan
Conversion tracking
Monitoring daily performance

Our PPC marketing services

Creative Media Technology provides full PPC marketing services for better results in Metuchen, Sayreville, South River, Edison, Wood Bridge, Highland Park, Carteret, New Brunswick, and Dunellen.

AdWords Management Services: Our PPC marketing specialists perform complete research on high-ranking keywords and position your ad on Google AdWords based on these keywords at a minimum cost. Through our PPC marketing strategies, visibility, traffic, and the number of customers will be increased. We offer ad extension when it is necessary.

Facebook PPC Management: Facebook is a most popular these days and its PPC cost for ads is very reasonable that’s why it has become a potential platform to increase traffic and return on investment (ROI). We make useful PPC Marketing strategies so you can connect with the right people through your ads on Facebook.

Remarketing: Remarketing is an important element in PPC management. Through this, your customers are retargeted who know your offer and also like it but do not take your desired action due to any issue. For this purpose, we manage the cookies and narrow the profile to retarget your prospects. Due to this practice, your target audience can see your ad all over the internet.

E-commerce PPC Management: Our PPC marketing specialists help retailers to target their customers by providing our E-commerce PPC management services on search engine and social media. After identifying the nature of your product and your desired goal, we decide the medium and platform which is suitable for your ad. We focus on the quality of the content for your add and continuously examine the performance of our PPC marketing campaign.

Landing Pages: Sometimes despite of running a good PPC marketing campaign, the business doesn’t show good results. It fails to convert the lead. There can be a reason behind it that your home page confuses the visitors due to so many things in it. We facilitate you by creating different landing pages for every campaign. We create the landing pages’ content carefully so that your visitors don’t feel deserted and surely become a lead.

PPC Audit: We make PPC marketing campaign with full care and you also bid on account effectively but there can be a chance to miss any important thing. For finding any issue, we provide the service of PPC audit to our clients. If we find any evasion in our PPC marketing strategy in any area, we promptly try to clear it for improving the results. Even everything runs smoothly, we believe that it is good to examine everything properly because there is always a chance of improvement. Creative Media Technology does it for the satisfaction of our clients.