service-detail-1As a business owner, many questions arise in your mind like is your following growing or not? How much your website traffic is driven? How many people are engaging with your content? Are your sales increased or not? Our social media marketing team is here to give you the answers to these questions. Social media marketing is the best way through which you can identify your target audience and engage them so that they can trust you and become your customer. Creative Media Technology, US-based digital marketing firm helps you to attain audience engagement through their effective social media marketing strategies. We are offering our services as a local SEO Company, SEO specialists, and social media marketing firm in Metuchen, Sayreville, Cranbury, Highland Park, Wood Bridge, and Edison.

There are many services we offer as a social media marketing company in Metuchen, Sayreville, Cranbury, Highland Park, Wood Bridge, and Edison.

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Audience and Competitors research

Creative Media Technology provides you the services of research about your potential customers and their requirement concerning your product. We also study your competitors to make distinctive strategies for competing them.

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Productive procedures

As a social media marketing firm, we develop unique strategies for every business to get customers attention. We analyze your followers’ activities and then decide what and when we should post. We update our plans over time to increase the performance.

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Content development

Creative Media Technology not only provides the services of content writing but also we create amazing images and videos. As we are SEO specialists, it is also our responsibility to create unique, attractive, appealing, and search engine optimized content.

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Content advertising

We advertise your content to those people who can be interested in purchasing your product. Buy paid campaigns and adds we boost your product.

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Mechanization and re-processing

For saving time, our social media marketing specialists use software to post and analyze the content automatically. It’s also included in our strategy to use most of your existing content by re-processing.

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Analyzing and reporting

As a social media marketing company, it is our liability to analyze the data so that we can update our strategies to optimize the performance. We also make weekly reports so you remain aware of our activities.

Our Social Media Marketing process

Assigning an account manager

For the full focus on your project, Creative Media Technology assigns an account manager for you. The responsibility of the account manager is to handle your project and make contact with graphic designers, content creator, and social media marketing specialist. He also remains in contact with you and tells you about the activities in this regard.

Brand strategy

Branding is a crucial element for the success of any business. Through this, the customers know who you are and how your product is different and unique from the same kind of products in the market. As a digital marketing company Edison, we make sure to engage your target audience and compel them to buy your product with the help of our fruitful branding strategies.

Social media analysis

The next step is to analyze the social media scenario for your business. In this, competitor analysis, trend identification, character analysis, and hashtag research. We also make a complete report about your audience which helps us to identify your target audience and how we engage them through our content.

Content development

As Creative Media Technology is a digital marketing firm so we have a team of highly skilled graphic designers who create amazing and distinctive visuals for social media postings. A team of videographers, photographers, and editors are also here to give life to your content. In this era, an image is stronger than a thousand words and a video has more power than a million words in social media. We know this very well so we create original designs without copying from anywhere.

Calendar posting

You must like our work too because you know your product better than us. We provide a calendar to our client so that they can aware of our unique designs, taglines, and hashtags before the publishing of the content. In this way, you are also able to give us an idea for the betterment of the social media campaign.

Advertising on social media

The last step of the process is to advertise your product on various social media platforms. Social media specialists of Creative Media Technology are experts in their field so they know where and when to advertise on social media. They make strategies to attract the dynamic and energetic target audience through social media.

Benefits of social media marketing for your business

Our effective strategies as a top social media marketing company Edison will give great advantages to your business.

Brand awareness
Branding is the most important factor in the success of any business. To create your brand awareness, nothing is more helpful than social media marketing. According to research, approximately 3billion people use social media worldwide. As a social media marketing company, we have graphic designers, videographers, photographers, and copywriters. Their creative designs and fascinating content engage your target audience. There is a huge possibility that this content will be liked, shared, and followed on social media. Through this process, your product can acquire a huge fan following and brand awareness.

Research about the target audience
We research your target audience by analyzing your existing and potential following. This research is helpful for our SEO specialists to know who your target audience is, for what they are searching for, which platform they use and are they like your offering or not. After this research, it is very easy for our social media marketing team to adopt an effective procedure for the growth of your business. Through this, we also know which type of content will be helpful to attract the audience.

Prompt Customer service
The social media has both pros and cons. The advantage is that you can aware of customers’ positive feedback but there is also a disadvantage that the feedback can be negative sometimes. It is very essential to address the negative feedback promptly so that your reputation can be sustained. One of our main services is an automatic chat box which can answer frequently asked questions so that you can save your time of personal interaction with customers.

Competitor analysis
One of the main advantages of social media marketing is that you can aware of your competitors’ activities and performance. Before making any strategy, as a digital marketing company Edison we analyze your competitors’ activities. Which social media platform they are using, how often they are posting on social media, which type of content is liked by audience, what is their target audience and where they come from, etc. It is also very necessary to know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses which is only possible through social media marketing. By knowing all this, we can create an energetic social media campaign.

Boosting your sales
All the likes, shares, and follows doesn’t mean that they all will buy your product. But through an effective social media campaign, it is possible to engage your audience and compel them to purchase. We analyze the results on daily basis and make a report. We use google analytics and call tracking and live chat tracking software to know how many sales are generating from social media.

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