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Controlling the Visual Representation of your Brand with Custom Web Design & Development!

Having a website makes it convenient for the users to find you. If you own a website, nobody can question the legitimacy of any brand or business. However, showcasing your brand or business to your valuable customers is one of the foremost things to do. That is why a website is essential for any brand or business identity. Web Design & Development is a term that refers to creating a website. It is a set of two skills that plays a vital role in building a website. Therefore, the appearance of a website is the first thing that captures the user’s attention. On the other hand, strong development provides the customer with helpful information and helps them to understand what you are offering. In this way, it facilitates your client to build a strong relationship between your brand or company. At Creative Media Technology, we cooperate with you to create and operate the features of your website. So, that you can interact with your audience, communicate with them, and evaluate your brand concurrently.

What Fuels the Success of your Website?

Creative Media Technology is a digital marketing firm. We create innovative, unique, and attractive websites that represent your brand. Also, we help our customers to increase sales and revenue with the help of the websites. More so, our professionals will guide you on how to adapt this service in order to extend your business and help you to increase your audience.

Free Consultation and Planning with Our Customers

We offer free consultation services to understand the nature of your project and to discuss your business aims in detail.

Extremely Well Crafted Content and Components

Our company offers full website development services with front-end and back-end development.

Complete Customization

You can get rich feature websites that are completely customized and user-friendly.

Outstanding Designs

We provide excellent and attractive website designs that make you stand out from the rest.

Social Media and Blogs

There are features like social media content and blogs that we linked with your website.

Project Development Cycle

A Web design and Development Cycle involves all the steps that go into building a website. However, the 8 stages of the website development cycle are:

Research and Analysis
In this step, we discover and analyze the future purpose, main goal, and targeted audience of your project.
Planning and Strategy
This step involves the arrangement and organization of all the aspects of your website.
Designing and Wireframing
At this stage, our developer generates the data that assists you to judge what the whole website will look like.
Content Creation
In this step, our content writers will write the content on your site that defines the goal and intent of your web services.
Code and Development
This phase includes the actual building of the website. It involves back end, front end development, and other elements and details.
Testing, Review, and Launch
Testing is the most prominent part of developing a website. After that, we will review all the links, and then we launch your website.
Quality Assurance
Quality assurance plays a vital role in developing a website. It helps you meet the needs and expectations of the client.
Maintenance and Deployment
Lastly, we will make sure that every function and link is working fine and that everyone is satisfied with the result.


Bringing the Art to the Cart!

Our experts curate our Web Design and Development services according to your brand or company’s specific requirements. That’s how they tailor every feature of our services to your brand or company’s goals, services, and products. More so, if you want an attractive and responsive website, you can partner with our professional web designers. They will create a unique customized site that will be loved by your audience.